Airport information

General information – Hévíz-Balaton Airport LHSM-SOB

Airport codes:

Aerodrome reference point: 46411N 0170933E

  • RWY16/34
  • Size: 2500x60M
  • Surface: concrete 60/R/B/X/T

Runway lights:
  • RWY16 HIAL CAT I 900m LIH, PAPI 3°, RWY34 SALS 420m LIH, PAPI 3°
  • Central and edge lights

Radio navigation:
  • DME: ID: SME, Chanel: 79X, Elevation: 453FT
  • L: ID:SME, Frequency: 436KHz, 1 km from THR RWY34

Landing aid: ILS16 CAT I
  • LLZ: ID: SMK, Frequency:108.75 MHz
  • GP: Frequency: 330.35 MHz, 3° angle
  • DME: ID: SMK, Chanel: 24Y, Elevation: 443FT

Threshold elevation: THR RWY16 124.39M, THR RWY34 121.52M

Altitude and reference temperature: 124M / 22° C

Type of permitted traffic: IFR / VFR / Night VFR

Customs clearance: during the opening hours

AFIS: Balaton Info 134.585 CH

Security service: H24

Ambulance and fire brigade: ICAO CAT3, on request to CAT7

Meteorological information:
  • National Meteorological Service
  • Aviation Weather Centre

For information on opening hours and other restrictions, check your current NOTAM before departure.

Last update: 12. September 2019